55. I owe Arashi all the happiness I feel until now. They mean everything to me. They are the best friends I never had; sometimes even the brothers I never had. They showed me to dream and with hard work and determination, dreams do come true. Trust me when I say this: without them, I might have never enjoyed my life the way I do now.
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54. Victoria’s Secret Love Spell when I go to school, Truth by Calvin Klein for elsewhere.
53. I get quiet when I’m distracted, even more quiet when I’m trying to distract myself.
52. I always, always order a grande non-fat caramel macchiato with extra milk, Peppermint Mocha on holiday seasons.
51. Jamoca Almond Fudge is my favorite flavor from Baskin Robbins.
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50. When I get hungry in the middle of the night I make a cheese sandwich.
49. I don’t like black laces on black sneakers. Even on Chucks.
48. I also learned to clap when I laugh from Sho and Jun (and Nino?)
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47. I picked up the habit of covering my mouth when I chew from female guests on Shukudai-kun.
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46. When I type I think of my keyboard as a piano.
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45. I don’t do make-up when I’m having a bad day.
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44. Grocery stores/supermarkets calm me down.
43. After every shower I roll myself up in my towel and lay in my bed for five minutes to adjust to room temperature.
42. I only paint my nails when I’m on my period.
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41. I won’t eat oranges unless they’re cold.
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